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It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner to yoga or you are doing yoga for a while now, I guarantee you you will love this vinyasa!

yoga is a thing which not seem to looks like you are working your body but believe me if it is put in the right sequence together then yoga has the ability to work your entire body.

now I have mentioned vinyasa earlier in the post do not get overwhelmed by the word.

A vinyasa is just a synonym for “flow”. and in vinyasa there are poses that should flow in a sequence one after the another. You just need to move throughout the process!

Don’t misinterpret yoga as of something that will make you only flexible instead yoga is also great for relaxing and making stronger your body and mind as well.

now lets begin the step by step process for vinyasa –

1. Forward Fold

let’s start with this simple pose forward fold.

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make your feet shoulder-width apart, stand straight relaxing your whole body , breath in air all the way to your lungs you should feel the air In your lungs and then slowly as you reach toward your toes, exhale slowly again feeling the air coming out.

Elongate your back as much as you can and try to touch your fingers on your toes remember without bending your knees , they should be straight all the time during this pose.

Now as you have reached all the down, don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes just hold yourself in the same position until you feel like standing straight.

Next step is plank pose

2. Plank

This pose you may be familiar with, plank is a very common exercise but very effective for your core.

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stretch out your legs keeping your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart , keep your toes together and your knees straight, looking towards the floor.

keep in mind, not let your butt drop. many people sink, make your core strong and keep your entire body straight and firm.

again hold your pose till you feel tired and leaving the pose, now without losing the pose slowly shift forward using your palms and move so that your elbow is touching your abdominal ( stomach ) area and slightly lower down yourself towards the floor and into Chaturanga pose

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