Running For Weight Loss

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their are many ways for weight loss swimming, cycling, weight lifting and many more.

running is the most efficient way and fastest to burn off fat and loss weight, running is also preferable because it has no barrier to entry (no equipments or infrastructure) is required.

For swimming you need a pool, for cycling a bike but for running you just need a pair of sports shoes or not even shoes if you can run bare foot.

let’s discuss about some of the best ways in which runners can lose weight without dieting.

Start on the right foot

Beginner need to remember to increase the challenge level gradually for lower injuries. running is a high-impact activity, it causes more injuries than any other form of cardio.


if you are overweight you need to start from walking or slow jogging, compared to running , walking is less stressful on joints.

yet it will make your joints ,muscle stronger and prepare your body for running.


For the results to see you need to run each and every day, it’s simple maths.

Also your bones and joints need time to recover from running. And one day is not enough for your bones and muscles to become stronger.

For beginners you need to limit your running to every other day for at least few weeks, and if you do want to exercise daily, try walking or cycling between running days.


your body is not going to shed 5 kg’s of fat of your body in a week running 10 kilometres instead of 3 kilometres in a day, you might get injured.

It helps you to keep a measure of your daily progress.

You want your muscles to be toned rather sore all the time. this is because of instant increase in you running plan and finish up overtrained.

Add High Intensity

Studies has shown that HIIT (high-intensity interval training is a very effective way to shed off fat.

HIIT helps you lose fat and body weight while keeping your muscle mass.

Calorie Deficit

It is very simple to lose weight, you have to maintain a daily calorie deficit. in simple terms – Burn more calories than the calories you intake.

And running helps you maintain calorie deficit by increasing the number of calories you burn.

calorie deficit and weight loss rate could be increased by eating less or cleaning up your diet ( eating less calorie food items only ) – and remember no JUNK FOOD.


running is the best form of cardio you could do without any equipments and infrastructure that can help you lose weight fast and efficiently.

I personally have started running and have seen tremendous results in my body just in 3 weeks of running each and every day.


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