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Their are many ways you can build muscles but the most efficient way I think is Heavy weight lifting at gym

Muscles can also be build by Calisthenics ( body weight exercises ) or by yoga too.

If you are a beginner or have been doing dumbbells at your gym or home for a while now then you this article will be helpful to you

At the end I will tell you the ultimate secret for building muscles.

Get Some Proteins In Those Biceps

First and foremost thing is you need to eat sufficient proteins and make a proper diet plan before you go in the gym and start hitting heavy weight.

According to the studies after you sweat yourself at gym lifting heavy weights and go home afterwards now your muscles are all sore and muscle fibres are tore apart, you need to give them sufficient amount of protein, carbs and good fats too in the limited time like after 1 – 2 hour of your workout.

Muscles need protein to grow and 1 hour after workout is the best time you can have that protein shake or eat natural protein food.

you can read my article on natural best protein foods.

Heavy Weight Lifting

It’s simple math, to grow your muscles you need to hit heavy weights at gym.

Don’t forget about cardio (burning your calories) which will help you not get fat and lifting heavy will make your muscles grow.

Make sure to use a spotter while lifting heavy, call your partner or gym trainer to stand beside you while you are going for heavy weights.

Remember to gradually increase weights till 3rd set of your exercise reach your limit and for 4th set go for more heavy with a helper beside you.

Consistency And Patience

This is my little secret consistency and patience, nothing can achieved overnight you need to work hard for it.

Building muscles will also take time, I have seen beginners at gym on their first day, wants to be Arnold on their first day of gym which is impossible.

Stay Consistent and devote at least 1 hour to your workout each day.

And be patient results will show eventually if you are consuming proper meals and lifting heavy weights. I guarantee you in next 2 to 3 months you will see your body changing.

The bottom Line

Diet full of proteins and hitting heavy weights will make your muscles grow.

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