4 Common Morning Habits That Makes Us Fat – worst fat loss mistakes

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Everyone is aware that fat loss is not uneasy job to do.

Your fat loss or transformation process will slow down if you do these 5 mistakes.

While we are on our journey of fat loss or any transformation, minor things matter a lot.

Unknowingly we do some common mistakes that make the process slow or stops our transformation.

You feel like you are doing everything right but not getting any results.

Here are 5 Biggest mistakes you do while transformation.

1. Not Weighing Yourself

when you are on your journey of fat loss, you need to track your progress each and every day.

Weighing is one of the most important aspect.

It helps you analyze your progress which helps you understand and improve your diet (eating below maintenance calories or above.

Let if your weight is stable for 2 weeks, it means either you are eating equivalent to your maintenance calories or less workout ( burning less calories ).

Remember, You should weigh yourself at a fixed intervals.

The best time to weigh yourself is empty stomach for fat loss

In the morning, Drink at least 500 ml water when you wake up, then after your bathroom rituals weigh yourself without clothes for precise readings.

Best weighing scale that I use personally and is very durable, Buy it here.

2. Drinking Tea or Coffee

Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee or tea. Yes, I know that drinking tea or coffee is not very harmful to you.

But wait, the thing that makes you fat is SUGAR that we mix in our tea or coffee.

According to research sugar is more addictive than caffeine.

Now, some of us are very addicted to coffee or tea that it feels impossible to leave at once.

I have a solution for you too, You can use Stevia (Natural form of sugar extracted from a plant) instead using sugar.

Read my article on how white sugar effects your body.

3. Heavy Breakfast

In India of the families eat very heavy breakfast like Food with grains or lot of sugar is very heavy for your body.

Do you feel sleepy all day long ?

Why ?

Your digestive system is so stressed from heavy breakfast due to which all your energy is used by your body to digest food and your brain feels sleepy.

In Morning your body is all fresh and you want that you have some light food like fruits, vegetables, and most necessary a protein source (helps in your metabolism, producing enzymes, hormones, etc.)

4. Not Planning And Preparing Your Meals

You need to plan your meals before you leave your home.

After you go out for work or your college you got nothing healthy to eat according to your diet plan and you get tempted by your friends to eat unhealthy junk food.

Divide your meals in different containers and carry them with you.

Diet Plan is the most important thing in the transformation process, how much calories and nutrients you intake in a day.

Read my article on how to plan and prepare your meals.

The Bottom Line

Transformation is the process that can be slowed down by small habits of yours.

Just stick to your workout routine and diet plan, you will definitely see results and reach your goal of transformation.

  • Weigh yourself and track your progress each day of your transformation.
  • Don’t drink tea or coffee with sugar in the morning. ( SUGAR MAKES YOU FAT ).
  • Don’t have a heavy breakfast, slows your metabolism and make you feel sleepy the whole day.
  • Plan and Prepare your meals for the day before you leave your home in the morning.
  • Bonus Tip is that be consistent and patient, you will not transform overnight or in 1 week or 2. The process of transformation takes time.

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